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Supported data synchronization mechanisms

The Sidra connector plugin for Sharepoint library supports a full load synchronization mode and an incremental load synchronization mode. The incremental load mode uses the incremental data synchronization mechanism implemented by Sidra.

This incremental load is supported by the EntityDeltaLoad table in Sidra Core metadata database. This table is described here.

The Attribute LastDeltaValue in the EntityDeltaLoad table is used to track the last value of the last modified date of the documents in the Sharepoint online library. The query to extract the documents checks if there is a LastDeltaValue in the EntityDeltaLoad table.

  • If the value is present, the synchronization mode is incremental, so the pipeline queries for all documents whose last modification date is greater than the value of LastDeltaValue. The query also filters documents whose last modification date is less or equal to the last ExecutionDate of the pipeline.

  • If the value is not present, the synchronization mode is full, which means that the query filters by the last modification date of the documents.