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About the Microsoft SQL Server database connector plugin

The SQL Server connector plugin for Sidra enables seamless integration with Microsoft powerful enterprise relational database.

You can see more details of what is a Data Intake Process in this page.

Sidra connector plugin for SQL Server extracts data from any table and view in the source database and loads it into the specified Data Storage Unit at regular intervals. It relies on the Sidra Metadata model for mapping source data structures to Sidra as destination, and uses Azure Data Factory as underlying data integration mechanism within Sidra.

When configuring and executing this connector, several underlying steps are involved to achieve the following:

  • The necessary metadata and data governance structures are created and populated in Sidra.
  • The actual data integration infrastructure (ADF Pipeline) is created, configured and deployed.

The connector is configured in less than five-minutes. Once the settings are configured and the deployment process is started, the actual duration of the data ingestion may vary from few minutes to few hours, depending on the data volumes.

After starting the Data Intake Process creation, users will receive a message that the process has started and will continue in the background. Users will be able to navigate through Sidra Web as usual while this process happens.

Once the whole deployment process is finished, users will receive a notification in Sidra Web Notifications widget. If this process went successfully, the new data structures (new Entities) will appear in the Data Catalog automatically, and the Data Intake Process will incorporate this new data source.

Supported SQL Sever versions

The following list includes all SQL Server versions supported by this connector plugin:

  • SQL Server 2012 (version 11.xx)
  • SQL Server 2014 (version 12.xx)
  • SQL Server 2016 (version 13.xx)
  • SQL Server 2017 (version 14.xx)
  • SQL Server 2019 (version 15.xx)

All editions (Developer, Standard and Enterprise) are supported, but some features of the connector will only be available if the source SQL Server edition supports the feature, such as the Enterprise edition requirement for Change Tracking on tables.