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Data sync mechanisms

Supported data synchronization mechanismsΒΆ

The MySQL connector supports different modes of data synchronization:

  • Full load data synchronization: Generally performed for first time loads. This is also the default mode if no alternative incremental load mechanism is defined. By default, the first load will be a complete load.

  • Incremental load data synchronization: This data synchronization mechanism captures updates for any new or modified data from the source database. Only data corresponding to the updates since the last synchronization is retrieved.

For incremental load to work, there must be a defined mechanism to capture updates. For the first version of the MySQL plugin, incremental load is supported by the Sidra built-in synchronization method. This method relies on specific configurations in the Sidra Metadata EntityDeltaLoad table. In such table different possibilities are allowed to define the Attribute or Attributes to track the changes, or even the custom expression to calculate such changes.

For more information, check the Supported Data synchronization mechanisms page.