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Supported data sync mechanism: Incremental Load with built-in System-period temporal tables

The incremental load in DB2 and DB2 iSeries databases is supported through system-period temporal tables method.

For more information on how to activate System-period temporal tables in a DB2 and DB2 iSeries databases, please check the IBM Documentation:

Deleted Rows

Sidra supports delete operations for system-period temporal tables. The delete support has been incorporated to Transfer Query/DSU ingestion scripts. When a change happens, in DB2 and DB2 iSeries databases:

  • System-period temporal tables store the information of the changes.
  • The column SYS_START will be updated with the date of the last operation performed.
  • The OP_CODE column act as a marker for the change with the following values:

    • U: Update.
    • I: Insert.
    • D: Delete.
  • Sidra adds a new metadata field SidraIsDeleted to the table in the Data Lake (different scenarios can be checked here).

  • When the column OP_CODE on the source has the value "D", column SidraIsDeleted on the Data Lake is set to true.