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Roles types

These are roles are associated to Sidra Service:

  • Admin. User performs any task on Sidra.
  • AppContributor. User creates and manages Client Apps.
  • DataCatalogAdministrator. User performs any task on the Data Catalog.
  • DSUContributor. User creates and manages Data Storage Units.
  • IdentityServerReader. Lets you get user-related data from Identity Server.
  • MaskedDataReader. User reads and unmasks data.
  • DataCatalogAnnotator. User manages Data Catalog tags.
  • DataCatalogReader. Lets you read from Data Catalog.
  • DataCatalogContributor. Lets you read and write from Data Catalog.
  • Notifier. Lets you send Notifications.
  • PipelineContributor. Lets you deploy or update Pipelines.
  • IntegrationHubContributor. User manages the Integration Hub.
  • IntegrationHubReader. Lets you read the Integration Hub.
  • BaleaReader. Lets you read authorization data from Balea Server.
  • About Supervisor:
    • Admin: Lets you perform any operation on Supervisor application.
    • Supervisor: Lets you manage an existing Supervisor installation.