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Configure your AAD application to use Power BI service APIs

This section shows how to configure an AAD application in Sidra to use Power BI service APIs as an additional setting for the access to the operational Power BI reports.


  • Step 1. Open in a web browser.

Click on sign-in button using the administrator account related to Power BI service:

Login portal

  • Step 2. Once logged in, in the main menu, click on the configuration icon and select Admin portal option:


  • Step 3. Once in the Admin Portal find the menu Tenant settings.

Look for Developer settings and, inside this section, find the setting Allow service principals to use Power BI APIs:

Administrator panel

Set the toggle button to the Enabled position. Then decide which applications in your tenant will have permissions to access.

This setting allows to configure two different modes:

  • The entire organization: all applications in your tenant will be able to access the Power BI APIs.
  • Specific security groups: defines the set of security groups that are allowed to use Power BI APIs. There is also an option to define deny list groups.

Finally, click on Apply to save the settings.


  • If you can't see Tenant settings section, please ensure that you sign in with the administrator account.
  • If you can't find your app in Specific security groups: please ensure that you already created a security group before, which contains the Power BI Application Azure AD in your tenant Active Directory.

Last update: 2023-09-27