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Sidra Supervisor

Supervisor is a self service deployment tool interface that precedes Sidra Web Manager, which includes all the services available in Sidra and initializes the Sidra Web after login. Thus, the user can deploy and update Sidra from the interface, adding additional services of interest depending on the license tier.

Supervisor will install automatically Sidra, Authorization and Authentication Services once executed the installation process of Sidra and logged on Sidra Web. Later on, the different services available will be displayed in the Supervisor screen for the user to install.

The Supervisor Service has been added to the list of services to facilitate updates.

Azure resources

Supervisor is a tool designed to manage different services related with Sidra Data Platform.

These are the resources that shape the Supervisor in Azure Portal in a resource group:

  • VNET: For VNET, the Supervisor deployment has the capability to either create a new VNET (default) or integrate with an existing VNET (optional). The resources are deployed within the Supervisor's VNET (new or existing one).
  • SQL Server and elastic pool:
    • This server will contain the supervisor's database and other service's databases, like the ones for the authentication and authorization services.
  • Application Insights.
  • KeyVault: For Supervisor secrets and shared secrets between services.
  • Container Apps:
    • Supervisor: This will contain a docker image with the Supervisor API and webpage.
    • Other container apps can be here like the authentication and authorization ones.
  • Managed Identities: Some managed identities for services like the authentication or authorization ones.

Last update: 2024-03-06