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An Entity in Sidra Data Platform is a collection of related data points, observations or documents. It is similar in concept to a Table in relational databases, or a collection in document databases. Given the multi-modal nature of Sidra, an Entity can hold relational data, while other Entity can store document data.

Some considerations about an Entity:

  • The Entity in Sidra defines the common properties of a group of Assets in terms of structure of the content.
  • Every content ingested will generate its own Asset, but all the content that share the same structure will be associated to the same Entity.
  • Each Entity contains metadata information about encoding, separators, null values management, etc.
  • Each Entity contains a set of Attributes and every Entity belongs to a Provider.
  • A new data source is composed of at least one new Entity. For example, each table in an SQL database will be considered each a different Entity.


Add a new Entity

For more information, check the specific tutorial for adding a new Entity .

Last update: 2023-06-22