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Size parameters for Sidra Data Products

This is the list of all the size parameters organized by Azure resource and including the value configured for each size.

App Service Plan

Parameter S M L XL
AppServicePlanWindowsSkuName B1 S1 P1V2 P2V2
AppServicePlanWindowsSkuTier Basic Standard PremiumV2 PremiumV2
AppServicePlanWindowsSkuSize B1 S1 P1V2 P2V2
AppServicePlanWindowsSkuFamily B S P P
AppServicePlanWindowsSkuCapacity 1 1 2 2

For more info check the official documentation.

The ARM template creates app services plan using the API 2015-08-01, but the documentation about that specific API version has not been found.

Analysis Services

Parameter S M L XL
AnalysisServicesSku Developer B1 B2 S2

For more info check the official documentation.


There is one single database created for Data Products: Client. The name of the database is used as a prefix in the name of the size parameters. For example in the LClient.psd1 can be found the following parameters:

# Client Database
ClientSizeInGB = 250 # As this is totally managed by ElasticPool
ClientSkuName = "Standard"
ClientSkuTier = "Standard"
ClientSkuCapacity = "50"
ClientSkuSize = ""
ClientSkuFamily = ""

There is only one way to configure the database and it is using a Sku model. The values supported in each of the parameters can be retrieved from the Database Editions List exposed above. These are the size parameters for the Sku model:

Parameter Supported values
ClientSizeInGB It is the max size of the database in GB, e.g. 50, 100, 200, etc. It should be compatible with the ServiceObjective selected. Limits can be checked in Microsoft official docs
ClientSkuName See column Sku in the Database Editions List above
ClientSkuTier See column Edition in the Database Editions List above
ClientSkuCapacity See column Capacity in the Database Editions List above
ClientSkuSize Ignored at the moment
ClientSkuFamily Family (leave null or empty if is N/A)

The complete table with the sizes is shown below.

Parameter S M L XL
ClientSizeInGB 250 250 250 250
ClientSkuName Standard Standard Standard Standard
ClientSkuTier Standard Standard Standard Standard
ClientSkuCapacity 10 20 50 100
ClientSkuSize - - - -
ClientSkuFamily - - - -

For more info check the official documentation.


Parameter S M L XL
KeyVaultSkuName Standard Standard Standard
KeyVaultSkuFamily A A A A

For more info check the official documentation.

Storage Accounts

Parameter S M L XL
StorageAccessTier Hot Hot Hot Hot
StorageKind StorageV2 StorageV2 StorageV2 StorageV2
StorageSkuName Standard_LRS Standard_LRS Standard_LRS Standard_LRS
StorageSkuTier Standard Standard Standard Standard

For more info check the official documentation.

Linux App Service Plan

Parameter S M L XL
LinuxAppServicePlanSkuCode B1 S1 P1V2 P1V2
LinuxAppServicePlanSku Basic Standard PremiumV2 PremiumV2
LinuxAppServicePlanWorkerSize 0 0 3 3
LinuxAppServicePlanWorkerSizeId 0 0 3 3
LinuxAppServicePlanNumberOfWorkers 1 1 1 1

Elastic Pool

Parameter S M L XL
ElasticPoolDtu 50 100 200 400
ElasticPoolDatabaseDtuMin 0 0 0 0
ElasticPoolDatabaseDtuMax 50 100 200 400
ElasticPoolEdition Standard Standard Standard Standard

Batch Account Processing Pool

Parameter S M L XL
BatchAccountProcessingPoolImageType WindowsServer WindowsServer WindowsServer WindowsServer
BatchAccountProcessingPoolPublisher MicrosoftWindowsServer MicrosoftWindowsServer MicrosoftWindowsServer MicrosoftWindowsServer
BatchAccountProcessingPoolSku 2019-Datacenter-Core-smalldisk 2019-Datacenter-Core-smalldisk 2019-Datacenter-Core-smalldisk 2019-Datacenter-Core-smalldisk
BatchAccountProcessingPoolMaxTaskPerComputeNode 2 2 2 2
BatchAccountProcessingPoolVirtualMachineSize Standard_A1_v2 Standard_A1_v2 Standard_A1_v2 Standard_A1_v2

Search services

Parameter S M L XL
SearchServicesSku free standard standard standard2
SearchServicesReplicaCount 1 1 1 1
SearchServicesPartitionCount 1 1 1 1
SearchServicesHostingMode default default default default


If the Sidra Installation is done in a subscription with an existing search service, then the tier will not be costless, due to this "free" policy is only applied when having only one search service.


Parameter S M L XL
DatabricksPricingTier premium premium premium premium
DatabricksClusterNodeTypeId Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_D8s_v3 Standard_D16s_v3
DatabricksClusterDriverNodeTypeId Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_D8s_v3 Standard_D16s_v3
DatabricksClusterMinWorkers 1 1 2 4
DatabricksClusterMaxWorkers 1 4 8 16
DatabricksPoolNodeTypeId Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_DS3_v2 Standard_D8s_v3 Standard_D16s_v3
DatabricksPoolMinIdleInstances 0 0 0 0
DatabricksPoolMaxCapacity 2 8 16 32
DatabricksPoolNewClusterWorkers 1 1 1 2

For more info check the official documentation.

Last update: 2023-06-22