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Learn about Sidra Data Products

Data Products are components of Sidra responsible for driving business cases, making them a key component of Sidra Data Platform. The Data Products layer can be also described as a transformation and serving layer for Sidra Data Platform.

Data Products retrieve the necessary datasets from the data lake, while always preserving the integrity of the raw data source. This is done by utilizing the built-in security features of Azure Data Lake Gen2 or by employing the Sidra Query API for more detailed access control.


While some applications might hold little more than a SQL Database and Power BI model against it, others might require the use of a broader set of products such as Spark clusters and messaging mechanisms.


Some characteristics of the Data Products are:

  • Data Products (or Apps) are a set of Azure resources and code, enclosed in a Resource Group, which either access the data from one or multiple Data Storage Units via the secure APIs, or retrieve the data from the Data Lake, applying business transformations if needed.

  • Any actor that needs to access the data stored in the Data Lake for a specific business need is catalogued as a Data Product.

  • Data Products consume the content from the Data Storage Units, it is mandatory then to know if new content has been ingested in order to extract it and incorporate to the Data Product storage.

  • The architecture allows for Data Products to be built using any set of tools and components, so they can range from Power BI-enabled analytical workspaces to even full-blown Web apps.

  • All Data Products must use the same security model, notifications and logging infrastructure, etc., via Sidra APIs.

  • This centralization and templatization of governance and transversal components is what makes Sidra Data Platform an accelerator for innovation on serving data use cases.

Data Product overview