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Sidra Data Platform (version 2024.03: Tranquil Topaz)

released on Mar 26, 2024

Another month, another release! Today we are happy to announce the release of Sidra 2024.03, which includes an improved and simplified process for updating a Data Domain to a newer version from inside Sidra's Web UI, supporting the deployment of Data Domains on Virtual Network, a significant number of upgrades to the Sync, as well as security and supportability improvements. We are also releasing today several enhancements to Sidra's web UI that contributes to a more intuitive and efficient interaction with the platform, ensuring a smoother operational flow.

Sidra 2024.03 Release Highlights

What's new in Sidra 2024.03

Seamless Data Domain Upgrades

With this release of Sidra, we are enabling the users to upgrade their Data Domains to newer versions directly from the management UI of Sidra. This will allow the Sidra team to release new functionality and improve the Data Domain solution at a much rapid pace, while ensuring that this will not cause adverse impact on the availability of the customer's Data Domain instances.

Data Domains on Virtual Networks

As part of our commitment to security, we have improved the deployment of our Data Domain so all its infrastructure is deployed inside a Virtual Network predefined by the customer. This enables advanced topologies to comply with the challenges that even the strictest InfoSec teams can throw at us.

Find out more about Data Domains and Virtual Networks configuration.

Improved Sync Interface

We have made a significant number of improvements to the Sync user interface, aimed at improving the ease of use and the observability capabilities of the platform. One of the most significant ones is the addition of a Last Executions widget in the Data Sync table, thanks to which the user can quickly visualize the outcome of the last executions in a graphical representation.

Another change to the Sync User interface is the addition of a new column, Last Load Date, to the staging view to show the last date each staging table was loaded.

We have also rewritten the description on what each sync mode does with the goal of making the UI more user friendly and reducing the need to check the product's documentation.

Discover more about these improvements in Sidra Web documentation.

Allow Same Entity to be Synchronized from Several Pipelines

This is an improvement over the current sync mechanism, which prior to this version restricted the ability to load the same entity multiple times from multiple pipelines. The synchronized tables will use the same naming convention used until by default, but if the system detects that the name created for a table already exist, the name of the pipeline will be added as a suffix to avoid the conflict.

Improved Platform Security

We have made a series of improvements to further increase our platform's security. Most notable of them is the reduction of permissions to the accounts that handle the Core's internal SQL database. This will reduce the potential attack surface of the product and limit any potential permissions escalation related to this critical internal user.

We have also removed the need to have the User Access Administrator role, by changing to RBAC Administrator instead, which again, helps minimize the surface area of the product from a security point of view.

Issues Resolved in Sidra 2024.03

These are the issues resolved during this release in Sidra:

  • Fixed an issue deploying the DSU due an issue creating the Virtual Network Links of private endpoint. #6489
  • Fixed an issue in the DSU deployment that could potentially cause a failure storing secrets in the Key Vault. #6655
  • Fixed an issue that, under certain conditions, would prevent the navigation to an specific entity on the Data Catalog. #6665
  • Fixed an issue in which an empty Data Quality section can be seen when a user does not have permission on the Data Quality service. #6676
  • Partial fix for some scenarios in which the Data Domain 'Sync' settings section fails to load correctly in Sidra's UI. #6686
  • Resolved an transient issue in the Core deployment activity that would cause the DSU not to be deployed successfully. #6801
  • Fixed an issue in which, under certain scenarios, a plugin would fail to start because it was attempted to load before it was completely unzipped. #6882
  • Improved the notifications mechanism for errors in the Data Domain data product to avoid multiple notifications on the same error. #6870
  • Fixed an issue in which creating any Data Product with a white space on its name would render the Data Product unresponsive. #6968
  • Fixed an issue in which, under certain scenarios, manual reset of the Core API container app was required after updating the Core Service to a newer version. #6987
  • Fixed a potential corruption on the Dashboard's Data Intake size graph. #7045
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a user to configure a custom staging configuration in a Data Product with a name that already exist in other data sync pipeline. #6694

Coming soon...

Our team is working hard on new stability and performance updates of Sidra's Core for the next release, as well as new features related to the recently released support for VNet integration on the Data Products. Also, our connector gallery will welcome the addition of a new connector, so stay tuned for more news next month!

We Want Your Feedback!

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