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Sidra Data Platform (version 2023.R3: Oddball Opal)

released on Sep 22, 2023

For this latest release, we prioritized the modularization of our diverse services, aligning it with substantial enhancements to the user interface experience. Sidra deployment has been transformed in this release; moving away from script-based or manual installations, it now leverages our UI for streamlined, automated setup. As well, users can now create customized connector plugins, enabling them to build their own connectors without requiring intervention from the Sidra Team.

Sidra 2023.R3 Release Overview

What's new in Sidra 2023.R3

Supervisor, Self Service Deploy

Supervisor serves as a dynamic self-service deployment tool interface, evolving from its precursor, the Sidra CLI. It encompasses all the services Sidra offers, facilitating the initiation of Sidra UI post-login. Consequently, users can seamlessly deploy and update Sidra directly from the interface, with the flexibility to augment it with additional services based on their license tier.

Once the installation process is executed and access is secured, Supervisor autonomously initiates the Sidra Service installation. Following this, users will be presented with a curated selection of available services on the Supervisor dashboard, poised for effortless installation.

Additional details can be found in the corresponding section of the documentation about the Supervisor concept and Supervisor's deployment.

Services: Sidra, Authentication, and Authorization

This release features three cornerstone services: Sidra, Authentication and Authorization.

  • The Sidra Service refers to our Sidra Core service, of automatic installation. This service orchestrates data ingestion through a meticulous process encompassing data orchestration, computation, metadata generation, and overseeing the Data Intake Process itself.

  • The Authentication Service utilizes IdentityServer, a renowned authentication server that faithfully implements the OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 standards within the ASP.NET Core environment, reinforcing Sidra's adherence to identity and access management best practices. This service facilitates user login to both the Sidra Service and its Data Products through a unified single sign-on mechanism, based on Azure Active Directory.

Connector toolkit

This new functionality in Sidra allows developers to build and publish connectors with little support from Sidra's Team. A connector plugin or plugin of type connector in Sidra encapsulates code to configure a Data Intake Process.

Check for more information in the documentation section related.

Issues fixed in Sidra 2023.R3

The following is a list with the solved problems found during the development of the current version:

  • Fixed an issue involving an Agent Pool value which was causing an error when releasing Private Web Apps. #1236
  • Solved a problem where was not possible to get the version and timestamp for the time travel for each Asset stored in initial loads. #1275 #1276
  • Fixed a problem where ingesting a file using AzureSearchIndexer template did not finish successfully. #3345
  • Fixed an issue where DeployPowerBIReports job was failing due to a deprecated Ubuntu version. #3628
  • Solved a problem which raised an error related with a missing PrivateDnsZone parameter when deploying an additional DSU. #4290
  • Solved an issue in the DSU template to ensure that the isCICD variable does not use local package version. #4298

Breaking Changes in Sidra 2023.R3

Migration from legacy versions


Sidra deployment is now seamlessly facilitated through the Supervisor's deployment, eliminating the need for command executions or extensive manual user interactions of previous versions. In the case that a migration from legacy versions of Sidra to 2023.R3 is necessary, the process will not be performed automatically as an initial deployment and installation of 2023.R3 version.

Required Action

Contact our Sidra's Support Team.

Coming soon...

Additional services are on the horizon, including developments as DSU Management, Data Dictionary, and Data Product Services, and more, propelling our modularization efforts to offer a more detailed view of Sidra's complete product landscape. This advancement promises to simplify the user experience by facilitating tailored service selections, ensuring users only pay for the services they utilize. Consequently, this initiative will enhance transparency in Sidra's processes, harmonizing it with the tier system for optimized user satisfaction.


We would love to hear from you! You can make a product suggestion, report an issue, ask questions, find answers and propose new features by reaching out to us in [email protected].