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Sidra Web

Sidra Web is a management and operational UI web interface to ease many operational tasks related to configuration, data governance and operations management on the Sidra platform.

The web is automatically deployed for each Service version and integrated with Sidra's Identity Server. It is brandable, so each customer can set it up for alignment with their corporate image in terms of accent colours, logo, etc.

This section summarizes the key modules in Sidra Web management interface.

Keep in mind that this is a general section displaying the primary services on Sidra Web. Please check the services sections itself to obtain documentation for each of the services screens and versions.

Main sections in Sidra Web

The different sections of Sidra Web are accessible through the navigation icons on the left-hand side of the main panel, as seen here:

Some of these components are described in this page, and some other important sections are documented in separate linked pages:

Sidra Web Navigation Options

Last update: 2023-07-10