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Welcome to Sidra Data Platform Documentation

This documentation site provides how-to guidance and reference information for Sidra Data Platform.

Get started with Sidra Data Platform

Learn how to use Sidra Data Platform, a data lake platform built on Azure PaaS technologies, that provides a solution for enterprise data lake scenarios reducing the time to market, providing scalability and ease of maintenance.

Sidra Data Platform

A solution for enterprise grade data lake approaches, offering an unified place for both data analytics and data warehousing.

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Sidra Web

UI interface manager for management of Data Intake Processes, metadata and authorizations, among others.

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Sidra Core

The main component of Sidra, where the orchestration and computation are performed for each data source ingested and processed.

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Sidra Data Products

Sidra Client Applications which access the data stored in the data lake for each specific businesss need.

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Last update: 2023-08-08