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Sidra Data Platform metadata

In this section it will be described the metadata used by the platform and that is stored in the metadata database named Core. The information in Core is organized in the following database schemas:


The Auth schema contains tables used for users authorization regarding the Providers and Entities that they can access.

More information can be found in the Authorization section.


The DataIngestion schema contains tables for storing metadata about the Assets that are ingested in the Data Lake, the Azure Data Factory pipelines used to orchestrate the movement of the data and the configuration of the Data Storage Units that conform the Data Lake.

More information can be found in the Data Ingestion section.


The Apps schema contains a table for storing information about Client applications that use the information stored in the Data Lake.

More information can be found in the Apps section.


The Management schema includes information about the configuration and management of the platform.

More information can be found in Management section.

Additional schemas

Some additional schemas are:

  • DataPreview: contains the tables generated when executing a DSU ingestion. A sample of the loaded data from the Entity is stored in the DataPreview tables, which will be shown from Sidra Web Data Catalog.
  • DataCatalog: the tables in this schema keep information about the attribute popularity, adn roles and permissions inside the Data Catalog of the platform.
  • Hangfire: tables to administer the Hangfire jobs in Sidra for background tasks.
  • Notifications: these tables store the information about the notifications created inside the platform operations.

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Last update: 2022-09-07
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