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Provider table

Currently, any data from any source is extracted and stored in files. The data source could be a database, an API, a set of files stored in a SFTP server... Providers are a logical collection of Entities so they are used to organizing them. Usually the Entities from the same data source belong to the same Provider.

Column Description Format Required
Id Provider identifier int
ProviderName Name of the Provider. Space character is not allowed. varchar(30)
DatabaseName Name of the database created in Data Lake to store data for this Provider varchar(30)
Description Description of the Provider nvarchar(max)
Owner Identification of the person responsible of the Provider nvarchar(256)
IdDataStorageUnit Identifier of the Data Storage Unit in which this Provider is contained int
ParentSecurityPath The SecurityPath of the DSU that contains the Provider varchar(100)
Image Image used for the Provider in the Sidra Manager UI varbinary(max)
CreationDate Date of the creation datetime2(7)
ItemId Global Unique identifier (GUID) uniqueidentifier
SecurityPath Path of identifiers used for authorization varchar(113)

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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