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TypeTranslation table

The TypeTranslation table stores type mapping and transformation rules for the different stages of the Attributes processing when data sources are configured and ingested in Sidra

Column Description Format Required
Id AssetPart identifier int
SourceType Data type in the source system (e.g. ntext, float, VARBINARY) varchar(50)
Translation Destination type or transformation expression to destination type (e.g. NVARCHAR(MAX) varchar(500)
ConnectorID GUID for the plugin used for the data intake process uniqueidentifier
ConnectorVersion Version of the plugin used for the data intake process varchar(20)
IdTypeTranslationSink Id of the Type Translation sink or destination tinyint
StoredAsBase64 Boolean indicating whether the type is stored as base64 bit

See section about Data-ingestion for more information about the usage of this table.

The TypeTranslationSink table includes different values:

Column Description
1 Parquet
2 Databricks
4 Source

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Last update: 2022-09-07
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