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AssetStatus table

This table describes the status of an Asset in the system. This table is created in both Core and Client app databases, so the status set includes status for the ingestion flow into the Data Lake and for the extraction flow from the Data Lake. The last one is used in Client apps.

Column Description Format Required
Id AssetStatus identifier tinyint
StatusName Name of the status varchar(50)
StatusDescription Description of the status nvarchar(200)

The table contains the following static data:

Id Status name Status description
0 Error There has been an error when processing the file in some step.
1 LoadToAzureBlobStorage The file is completely loaded in Azure Blob storage.
2 MovedToDataLake The file has been loaded in Data Lake storage.
3 ImportedFromDataLake The file has been imported from the Data Lake into the client database.
4 UploadingToAzureBlobStorage The file is being transferred to Azure Blob storage.
5 RetryUploadToAzureStorage The upload has been cancelled and it has to be reuploaded.
6 ImportingFromDataLake The file is being imported from the data lake into the client database.
7 ImportingInDataLake The file is uploaded and being imported to Data Lake Store.

These are the flows for ingestion in Data Lake -on the left in the image- and for extraction from Data Lake into a client app -on the right in the image-.


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Last update: 2022-09-05
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