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Asset table

The Asset table stores information about each of the data elements ingested in the platform.

Column Description Format Required
Id Asset identifier bigint
IdEntity Identifier of the Entity related to this Asset int
AssetName Name of the Asset varchar (500)
AssetDate Business date of the Asset being ingested date
LastUpdated Date of the last time that the Asset was ingested in the system datetime2(0)
IdStatus Identifier of the AssetStatus in which the Asset is tinyint
Notes Additional notes about the Asset nvarchar(150)
SourcePath Location of the Asset from where it was ingested in the system, e.g. the location of the landing zone varchar(1024)
Entities Number of Entities in the Asset bigint
ByteSize Size in bytes bigint
ValidationErrors Number of validation errors encountered during the Asset ingestion bigint
ParentSecurityPath The SecurityPath of the Provider to which the Entity belongs varchar(100)
DestinationPath The path of the file at destination. varchar(1024)
SecurityPath Path of identifiers used for authorization varchar(100)
IdDataStorageUnit Identifier of the Data Storage Unit where the Asset is stored int
IdProvider Identifier of the Provider to which the Asset belongs int

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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