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DataStorageUnit table

Sidra allows configuration of multiple Data Storage Units (DSU) which union composes the Data Lake.

The following set of tables contains the information about the DSUs and the Azure resources used by them.

This table contains information for each of the DSUs of the system.

Column Description Format Required
Id DSU identifier int
Name Name of the DSU. It is also the name of the Azure resource that stores the information of the DSU varchar(50)
IdLocation Location identifier that references the [Management].[AzureRegion] table int
ResourceGroupName Name of the Azure Resource Group that includes all the Data Storage Unit related resources varchar(50)
ClusterName Name of the cluster varchar(50)
IdClusterType ClusterType identifier tinyint
SecurityPath Path of identifiers used for authorization varchar(10)
Description Description of the DSU nvarchar(max)
Detail Field for more information nvarchar(max)
Icon Icon image varbinary(max)

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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