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TriggerTemplate table

This table stores the information about a trigger template.

Column Description Format Required
Id TriggerTemplate identifier int
ItemId The global identifier of the template. It is unique within all the trigger templates in all the Sidra installations uniqueidentifier
Name Name of the TriggerTemplate, e.g. "EventTrigger" varchar(80)
Description Description of the TriggerTemplate, e.g. "Detects when a file has been created into Blob Storage and raise configured pipelines" nvarchar(512)
Template JSON template defining the trigger. As a template, it contains placeholders nvarchar(max)
PipelineTemplate JSON template defining the pipelines to which the trigger will apply nvarchar(max)
DefaultValue Values to resolve the template placeholders by default nvarchar(max)
Parameters Additional JSON field for parameters. If there are not necessary parameters, fill with "{}" nvarchar(max)
IdTriggerTemplateType Foreign key to relate the type of template -Intake, system and other- tinyint

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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