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Trigger table

This table stores the information about a trigger. It is related with a TriggerTemplate and it contains the parameters to resolve the placeholders used in it.

Column Description Format Required
Id Trigger identifier int
ItemId The global identifier of the trigger. It is unique within all the triggers in all the Sidra installations uniqueidentifier
IdTemplate Identifier of the TriggerTemplate int
Name Name of the Trigger, e.g. "Core Storage Blob Created" varchar(80)
Description Description of the Trigger, e.g. "Trigger to extract daily content from external data sources" nvarchar(512)
Parameters Values used to resolve the TriggerTemplate placeholders nvarchar(max)
IdDataFactory Identifier of the Data Factory where the trigger will be created int
IsRemoved Identifies if the trigger should be created or not bit
LastUpdated Date of the last time that the trigger was updated datetime2(0)
LasDeployed Date of the last time that the trigger was created in the Data Factory datetime2(0)

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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