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PipelineTemplate table

This table is used to define pipeline templates that can be used by any pipeline.

Column Description Format Required
Id The identifier of the template int
ItemId The global identifier of the template. It is unique within all the pipeline templates in all the Sidra installations uniqueidentifier
Name Name of the template, e.g. "AutoGeneratedImportFile" varchar(80)
Description A description to tell what the template does nvarchar(512)
Template JSON structure defining the pipeline. As it is a template, it can contain placeholders nvarchar(max)
DefaultValue A JSON structure that contains key-value pairs. The keys are placeholder names and the value is the default value to replace placeholder in case those values are not specified by other elements associated to the pipeline template. nvarchar(max)
IdPipelineTemplatePlatform Identifier of the platform intended for the pipeline template tinyint
IdPipelineType Identifier the type of pipeline tinyint
Parameters JSON field to add parameters related nvarchar(max)
IdPluginVersion Version of the plugin uniqueidentifier

The PipelineTemplate table can store templates for Azure Data Factory pipelines but also for Azure Search pipelines, so the field IdPipelineTemplatePlatform indicates which is the intended platform in which the pipeline template can be used.

The pipeline templates are categorized by types based on their intended functionality, so the Data Factory Manager and other Sidra components can recognise the purpose of the pipeline. The field IdPipelineType selects the category -or type- of pipeline template.

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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