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Pipeline table

This table defines actual pipelines that use the pipelines templates built and that are going to be deployed in the Azure Data Factory service.

Column Description Format Required
Id Identifier of the pipeline int
ItemId The global identifier of the pipeline. It is unique within all the pipelines in all the Sidra installations uniqueidentifier
Name Name of the pipeline varchar(80)
ValidFrom Indicates the date the pipeline starts working date
ValidUntil Indicates the date the pipeline should not continue working date
IdTemplate Specifies what template is used by this pipeline int
LastUpdated Tells the last date the pipeline has been updated. If its value is greater than LastDeployed, the pipeline will be deployed to Azure Data Factory next time the Data Factory Manager is executed datetime2(0)
LastDeployed Tells the last date the pipeline has been deployed datetime2(0)
IdDataFactory Tells what Data Factory this pipeline must be deployed on int
IsRemoved Tells if the Data Factory Manager should remove this pipeline from Azure Data Factory bit
Parameters A JSON structure that contains key-value pairs. The keys are placeholder names and the value is the default value to replace placeholder nvarchar(max)
IdDataIntakeProcess Data Intake Process identifier int

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Last update: 2022-09-05
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