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Management schema tables

This set of tables contains information about the configuration of the current Sidra instance and some generic information required by the Sidra Manager -the Sidra Management Web UI-.

Configuration table

This table is used to store any kind of generic configuration parameters in a key-value pair format.

Column Description
ConfigurationKey Key of the configuration parameter
ConfigurationValue Value of the configuration parameter
LastConfigurationValue Previous value of the configuration parameter
LastUpdate Date of the latest update of the configuration parameter

AzureRegion table

This table contains the information about the location of the Azure Data Centres. It is used by the Sidra Manager to draw in a world map the location of the Data Storage Units.

Column Description
Id AzureRegion identifier
Region Region name, e.g. "East US"
RegionId Region identifier, e.g. "eastus"
Location Location, e.g. "Virginia"
Longitude Longitude of the location
Latitude Latitude of the location

This table contains static data like this fragment of the table:


Service table

Additionally, to the standard features that Sidra provides, there are more services that can be added to a Sidra instance. This table contains information about all the services of the Sidra platform and which ones are installed in the current instance of Sidra.

Column Description
Id Service identifier
Name Name of the service, e.g. "Management Web UI"
Description Description of the service, e.g. "Web interfaces for Sidra management"
Version Version of the service
IsInstalled Flag if the service is installed in the current Sidra instance
InstallationDate Date of the installation of the service
ExtendedProperties Additional properties of the service

Model table

Sidra includes the capability of serving machine learning models. This table is used to store the information about those models.

Column Description
Id Model identifier
Name Name of the model
Description Model description with the functionality or the notes of the model

ModelVersion table

This table stores additional information about the machine learning models for versioning purposes.

Column Description
Id ModelVersion identifier
IdModel Model identifier
VersionNumber Version number of the model
Notes ModelVersion notes
RunId Run id of the model trained
Enabled ModelVersion is enabled or not
LastTrained Date of the last training
DeploymentName Name of the deploymente for this version
EndPoint Model endpoint of deployment
Status Identifier of the status of deployment
ExperimentId MLflow Experiment identifier
ImageName Name of the docker image for this version
Metrics Metrics of the trained model

These are the values for the Status of a ModelVersion:

Identifier Status Description
0 Error There was a problem during the deployment of this model
1 ModelRegistered The model information has been persisted on database but the docker image has not been created yet
2 ImageCreated A docker image for the model has been created but it has not been deployed
3 Deploying There is an ongoing deployment process for the model
4 Deployed The model is deployed

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Last update: 2022-07-14
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