Apps schema tables

The Apps schema is used to store information about the Sidra Client Apps which will use the information stored in the Data Lake.

App table

This table contains information about the Apps registered to access the Data Lake. It is used by the Sidra Manager UI to present the information about registered apps.

Column Description
Id App identifier
Name Name of the app
Description Brief description of the purpose of the app
IsSystemApp Flag to identify the apps created by Sidra platform respect to the custom apps created specifically for an installation
Owner Person responsible for the app
TenantId Tenant identifier to access the resources where the app is deployed
SubscriptionId Azure subscription identifier where the app is deployed
SubscriptionName Azure subscription name where the app is deployed
ResourceGroupName Azure resource group name where the infrastructure of the app is deployed
IdIdentity Reference to the identity associated to the app. See Identity table for more information
IsRemoved Flag to identify that the app is not deployed or used
ExtendedProperties JSON structure intended for extensibility
LastUpdated Date of the last time that the app was updated
LastDeployed Data of the last time that the app was deployed
ManagementDatabase Name of the Sidra database in the app
ManagementDatabaseServer Name of the Sidra database server in the app
Image Image used for the app in the Sidra Manager UI