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Besides the Logs table, Sidra incorporates a centralized management of notifications. Notifications are raised by operational and configuration processes at Sidra. If raised by configuration actions,usually, these consist of asynchronous unattended actions, such as the plugins execution (e.g., data intake process creation through connectors wizard). Notifications are also raised by the execution of data extraction and movement. Internally, the Azure service used to generate and manage these notifications is SignalR. Sidra notifications are stored in a table in Sidra Core, inside Notifications schema. These tables contain information about the notifications generated by the different platform modules, such as General, Intake and App.

The fields of a notification include description, creation date, type, sub-type and a JSON field with all this information. Sidra web also incorporates a page to see all the notification details, and to mark them as read. The Notification tables also store which notifications are read.

The actions allowed through the support of notifications tables are:

  • Get the number of notifications that are pending to read of each type: all, general, intake, app.
  • Get the notifications pending to read of a specific type.
  • Mark a set of notifications as read by theirs ids.

These are the available notification types:

Id NotificationType
1 General
2 Intake
3 App

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Last update: 2022-07-14
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