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It allows to retrieve the logs of the platform applying different sets of filters. The logs are retrieved from the Util.Log table in the Log database in Core. The severity is the value stored in the Level field. It is an open field but usual values are: Error, Warning, Fatal, Information and Debug.

The fields that can be seen in the Log table are the following ones: TimeStamp, Message, MessageTemplate, Level, Exception, LogEvent. This last field includes the whole log object in JSON format.

The field Level is a severity indicator level, according to the standard development practices: Error, Warning, Fatal, Information, Debug. The table Log includes the traces generated by Core modules as well as Client Applications. Besides the Util.Log table, the table Util.DataFactoryPipelineRun stores information about Azure Data Factory pipelines execution, with information such as: RunId, name of the pipeline, last modification date, status and start and end execution timestamps. Sidra web also counts with a page to see the last logs as retrieved from this table.

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Last update: 2022-07-14
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