This timeline shows the highlights of the previous releases, alongside the current stable version. Keep in mind that this list does not include all the functionalities released, check out the detail of each release for more information.

Version Release date Feature Area
Version 2020.R1: Early Elstar 27 March 2020 Improvements to the Web UI UI
DataFactoryManager performance optimizations Core, Data Catalog
New Intake ML models for Anomaly Detection ML
Performance benchmark Core
Documentation Improvements Documentation
Version 2019.R5: Defeated Dougherty 23 December 2019 New Web UI UI
Asset Registration without custom activities Core
New Encryption Model Security
Improvements to the Knowledge Store Knowledge Store
Integration Hub Core
Version 2019.R4: Concerned Crispin 4 October 2019 Identity Server added to the Core template Security
New notification system Integration
Automatic Maintenance of SQL Core Databases Core
Metadata security overhaul Security
Version 2019.R3: Brash Bramley 26 July 2019 Migration to .NET Core Core
Integration with Identity Server Security
Data Catalog API Data Catalog
Upgrade to Databricks 5.4 Databricks
Improved Logging Framework Core
Version 2019.R2: Alluring Admiral 12 March 2019 Databricks support Databricks
Dashboard APIs Core
DW data extraction updated Core
Support DW database in DatabaseBuilder Core
Methods to wait for the result of a Databricks job Core
Allow to change the authentication token in AzureDataBricksHelper Core
New selection methods in EntityRepository Core
Naming refactor Core
Test environment Core

Coming soon

In this section you can explore the upcoming features expected to be released soon. It lists some of the significant features committed for the next release and an estimated time for when you can expect to see them.

This list does not include all the functionalities planned, but aims to give visibility into our principal road-map. The features listed and the estimated release date are subject to change.

Target version Estimated release date Feature Area
Automatic creation of Data Storage Units Core
Data Archival, Retention and Anonimization Compliance
Data Retention UI UI


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